Thursday, August 13, 2009

More People Wearing Masks In Public Places

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 13 (Bernama) -- More people can be seen wearing nose and mouth masks in public places here as the government continues its campaign against Influenza A (H1N1) which has already claimed 51 lives.

A Bernama survey found that restaurant and supermarket employees had began wearing masks as protection against the virus.

Restoran Bismillah manager Farid Mohamad said he wore a mask to cover his mouth when dealing with the public.

"We don't know whether the customers have fever or not. I encourage the workers to wear masks when dealing with customers.

Restaurant worker Abdul Kudus Muhamad said he wore a mask after learning of the danger posed by H1N1 via television although he had to make roti canai.

"I felt uncomfortable at first but are used to it by now. Most importantly, I feel safe," he said.

Marketing officer Erma Hassan, 30, said she did not wear a mask as many people were still not wearing them.

However, she took precautionary measures by not taking her six month-old baby girl to public places.

"My husband wears a mask daily after it was given one by his office. I hope the government can give free masks to encourage the people to wear them in public," she said.

Six month pregnant Farahdila Omar, 28, said she was worried after finding out that she was in the high risk category to be infected by H1N1.

"I plan to buy a mask but do not know where to go. As a precaution, I wash my hands and stay indoors most of the time," she said.

The Health Ministry had advised the people to clean their hands after coughing and to stay away from those with influenza like illnesses (ILI).

The public, particularly parents, were advised not to take children to crowded places.

Information on H1N1 is available daily from 8am-5.30pm via the hotlines

03-88810200 and 03-88810300 and the ministry websites and -- BERNAMA

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